15 Cool Facts On Sheep

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Cool Fact Sheet – Sheep


  1. A group of sheep is known as a herd, a flock or a mob. Most people refer to a herd of sheep or a flock of sheep but it depends on where you live in the world!
    A mob of sheep may be the normal term used in some parts of the world too.
  2. A ewe is an adult female sheep.
  3. Ewes generally give birth to up to three lambs each birthing time but this depends on where the birthing takes place and the breed of the lambs. Birthing is called lambing.
  4. A ram is an adult male sheep.
  5. A Sheepfold is where the flock is kept overnight, keeping them safe from harm and also so that the farmer can collect the dung for manure to fertilize his land.
  6. There are over 1,000,000,000 sheep in the world.
    The largest amount live in China.
  7. A Sheperd is a man whose job is to look after the herd and to stop them roaming into other fields.
    He will normally have a sheepdog to help herd the dogs in
     the right direction.
  8. Riggwelter is the word used to describe a sheep that has fallen onto its back and is unable to get up (usually because of the weight of its fleece).  That is one reason alone why sheep must be sheared.
  9. The fleece of the sheep is cut off for many uses.
    This is called sheep shearing.
    It is normally sheared (or you can also use the word ‘shorn’) in two pieces by skilled shearers.
  10. Woolen garments are created from the fleece of sheep.
    Many clothes are made from wool, depending on the spinning.
    If the fleece is spun to a very fine
     thread, then it would be used for cloth for garments and furnishings.
    The fine threads can also be joined together to make knitting yarn.
    Many people love to have sheepskin rugs in their homes.
  11. Wigging is the term used for cutting away the wool near the sheep’s eyes.
    This is to stop the sheep from going blind.
  12. A Bale is a wool pack which contains a specified weight of pressed wool, as regulated by industry authorities.
  13. Poddy lamb, bottle lamb or pet lamb, are terms used to describe an orphan lamb who is reared on a bottle.
  14. Shepherds Pie is a very famous and delicious dish which uses lamb as the main ingredient.
  15. A very popular nursery rhyme is ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb.’


Superhero Abbie Skellee
Superhero Abbie Skellee

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