11 Cool Facts on Football

Football – Cool Facts

  1. Football originated in China around 476 B.C..
  2. Pelé, Brazil – Pele fired in a total of 1,281 goals during a dazzling career
  3. The largest stadium in the world is Rungrado May Day Stadium, which is in Pyongyang, North Korea.
  4. Women have been playing soccer since 1890’s.
  5. Mia Hamm of the United States is a famous women’s football player.
  6. First World Cup – July 30, 1930, 93,000 spectators watched Uruguay defeat Argentina 4–2
  7. FIFA = Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA/ˈfiːfə/; “International Federation of Association Football”
  8. Four months before the 1966 FIFA World Cup, which was scheduled to kick off in England, the stolen Jules Rimet Trophy was found by a black and white collie dog named Pickles.
  9. Kazuyoshi Miura, the Japanese striker, is the oldest football player in the world, at 51 years old in 2018.
  10. Victor Manon, is recorded as the youngest player in the World Cup, playing for Mexico. He was 16 years 10 months 15 days.
  11. The Skellee author has also written a book for football lovers. (‘Secret Football Games’ – AnneMarie Callan.) This book will appeal to anyone aged 6 to 99+

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