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This webpage is all about true dog rescue stories. 

Have you ever thought about what it would be like owning a dog?  Let me tell you, the benefits of owning a dog are enormous.  I’ve listed some of the benefits and obviously, these depend on the breed …

  • Their loyalty and the love they add to a family is unmeasurable.
  • They are excellent companions.
  • Think of the times you stroked a dog gently, when you had finished, they nudged their heads to your arm for more tender strokes.
  • When you return after a time away, they greet you with a delight that has no boundaries.
  • You talk to them and yes, they understand!
  • Trained!  They wait patiently to be fed.

To own a dog is surely one of the greatest gifts you could give yourself.

Read on to discover how these dogs rescued or were rescued.


A two-year-old stray mongrel, Biscuit achieved the title of being the most unwanted dog in the famous Battersea Dog Home in London, England.

It is thought he was probably unwanted from a litter and then dumped!

Once in the dog home, he was rejected over two thousand times by potential owners and spent 700 days waiting to be selected by someone.

During this time he saw approximately 4,900 dogs being rehoused.

His stay was 22 times longer than the average.

At the time of writing this article, Biscuit was no longer living in the home but was happily living in a foster home.

Don’t we all love a happy ending and this is surely one.

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In 1966, England was hosting the World Cup, which was an important event for all football supporters.

England went on to win the World Cup but there was the possibility of international embarrassment when the World Cup was actually stolen four months before the matches started.

This was of great concern for the football authorities and fortunately it was found by a fearless Collie, named Pickles.

Whilst out walking with his owner, Pickles sniffed out the World Cup in bushes.

The newspapers picked up the story and Pickles became known as the hero dog for saving the country from international embarrassment.

A banquet was prepared in his honour, where he was given a cheque for £6000, a lot of money in 1966, and a juicy bone.  (But of course!)

Pickles went on to star in ‘The Spy With A Cold Nose’, also starring Eric Sykes and June Whitfield.


Swansea Jack was a Black Retriever, born in the1930’s.

He lived in the North Dock, an area by the River Tawe in Swansea with his owner William Thomas.

He had a gift of being able to rescue people in the River Tawe and in fact saved at least 27 people from drowning.

Jack was given a Silver Collar for the Bravest Dog of The Year Award, a Silver Cup from
the Mayor of London and has had his own statute created to commemorate his bravery

Sadly Swansea Jack died in October 1937 after eating rat poison.

Find out what happened when this dog went sniffing around …



Leia, a working springer spaniel rescued a baby dolphin on a Welsh beach in July 2015.

The baby dolphin had been washed up and couldn’t get back into deeper water by itself.

Leia, who was out fishing with her owner, made him aware of the situation that the dolphin was in.

The owner, Rich Wilcock, was able to help the dolphin back to the sea and to safety.

If Leia has not made her owner aware of the trouble the dolphin was in, it could very well have died.

Leia’s owner stayed on the beach for another hour or so to make sure that the dolphin did not return.

But thankfully that was not the case.





A small terrier, who lives in the United States and swims daily at Florida Keyes marina with his owner, was enjoying his daily swim when a 5-foot long shark attacked him in 2008.

The shark dug his sharp teeth into the dog and dragged him under the water.

His owner, Greg LeNoir, was horrified and very angry when he saw what was happening to his beloved pet, that he immediately swam over to the shark, to rescue his dog.

He had no thought for his own safety only the need to bring his dog home safely at any cost.

With all his strength, he managed to actually punch the shark with all his might, until the shark released the dog and they could both swim away to safety.

Mr. LeNoir was surely a very brave man for coming to the rescue of his dog.

There is a saying

A man’s best friend
is his dog’

maybe there should be
another saying

A dog’s best friend
is his owner.’



A black Labrador, just a few months old, was rescued from the ice on Lake Erie after spending five days wandering around in the freezing cold on the lake.

The first attempt to rescue Kimberley was unsuccessful, as she ran off.  (She was probably very frightened after spending so much time alone on the ice.)

On the second attempt, one of the rescuers, whose surname was Muscioni, actually got out of the rescue airboat and walked on the ice to give the dog confidence.

Eventually, he was brought back to the boat and back to his very grateful and happy owners, the Pritchard’s of Lorain.

The family asked members of their church, St Anthony of Padua Church in Lorain to pray.  Everybody in the location prayed to St Anthony and also to St. Francis, who is the patron saint of animals for the safe return of Kimberley

Thankfully, their prayers were answered.



A stray dog was found lying motionless with his body stuck to the ground in a pool of hot tar.

He had fallen into the hot tar which was spilled around a building site in Northern India.

It took four hours for the rescuers to gently rub vegetable oil into his body so that he could be removed from the ground.

Then it took a further few days to completely remove the sticky tar from his body.

Kerosene would normally be used to remove tar from clothing and other materials but this could not be
used as it would have damaged the dog.

The dog was nicknamed ‘Tar-Baby’ by the rescue team and it was a wonderful happy ending for this dog rescue.



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Dog Rescue


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