The Black Cat Story

Black Cat

Black Cat

The Black Cat is the 4th in the Skellee Superhero series of short stories for kids.

A Cat Story

This is actually a true story and happened to a cat who lived in Spain, one sunny day.  The strange thing is that although this cat survived the horrible incident, Spanish people don’t particularly like black cats, whereas in other parts of the world, the black cat is said to be lucky.

On the particular day in question, had someone been more thoughtful when doing a ‘certain’ task which is so important when caring for cats, then the cat would not have had to go through the traumatic experience, nor would the people involved have had to witness such a shocking sight!

As I mentioned, some people are superstitious of black cats and it does depend where you live.   Either way, there are actually superstitions surrounding a black cat. On a positive note sailors would want to have a black cat on their ships because they considered it good luck and the wives of fishermen would keep a black cat in the home, as they felt the black cat could entice their husbands to come home safely.

Interestingly, if we go back to the 17th Century, King Charles 1 kept a black cat close by as he believed the cat brought him good luck.  How true that could well have been when the very day after the cat died, he was arrested and executed for high treason.

In that case … was the cat his lucky charm or was it just coincidence?

They say cats have nine lives and after seeing the event unravel before my eyes, I am inclined to agree that this particular black cat could well have eight lives left.

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