Dog Rescue Story

A dog rescue story.  The moral of this children’s Skellee Superhero story is, ‘Be Careful Where Your Dog Walks‘ because you just never know what danger they could get into.

Thankfully, Superhero Carrie Skellee arrives to deal with the emergency! Otherwise, it could have been the most awful tragedy.  But it has a wonderful ending and that is what children deserve.  🙂

Carrie Amazon

This 3rd book in the Skellee series is available for download at the Amazon Kindle store.

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Cute Dog Pictures – The Dog Gallery 

This is a new section and will grow as I find more cute, adorable and funny dogs pictures to share. 🙂  Leave a message below if you have a dog you would like added to the Dog Gallery.

The very first picture is ofDaisy‘.

While out walking in a town in the UK, called Skipton, which is in Yorkshire, the Skellee Admin Worker could not resisting photographing ‘Daisy’.  Daisy actually lives in Blackpool.



Sooooooo cute 🙂

dog pictures


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