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The 1st of the Skellee Online Contests is now over.  To have a chance of winning in the next one, just register your details on this page to get up to date information of the next contest date and details.

The Contest Description:

Can you imagine what pleasure your child (or even children, if more than one child in your family) would enjoy from being *STARS* in a Skellee Superhero book? This would be something they would treasure forever.

They would also receive a personally signed copy of the printed edition. Plus 3 other Skellee Kindle books of their choice, as well as a Skellee Tee-shirt.

There will be 5 Runners Up. Each will receive 3 Skellee Kindle books, again, of their choice.

Just log in to win and if you share, you get more chances.

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Your Child (Children)  To *STAR*  In A Skellee Book
Ending 24 December 2014


  Skellee Contest

Your Child To Star In A Skellee Superhero Story and Other Prizes


For those who have yet to be introduced to the Skellee Superheros,  there’s an introduction video is on the front page of the website.  Just click here to watch it.

Here’s a brief outline:

  • The Skellee Superhero short stories for children include a childrens quiz at the end of each story and they can even win a star. 🙂
  • The stories are suitable for 3 to 8 year old children.