A Sheep Fact Sheet to compliment the Skellee Superhero first book …

Superhero Abbie Skellee - Little Lamb Story

    1. There are well over 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) sheep in the world with China having the largest number.
    2. New Zealand has more sheep than people living there.
    3. Young sheep are called lambs.
    4. Lambs are between 5-8 pounds when they are born.
    5. When the female sheep become adults, they are then known as ewes.
    6. When the male sheep become adults, they are then known as rams.
    7. A group of sheep is known as a mob, herd or flock.
    8. The plural for sheep is ‘sheep’.
    9. Sheep making sound is:   Baa-Baa.
    10. Sheep are herbivores that eat vegetation such as grass and seeds.
    11. Sheep can see most of what is behind themselves without turning their head because they have a field vision of about 300 degrees.
    12. Sheep provide us with warm clothing and other materials from their fleece.
    13. A famous nursery rhyme is ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’
    14. ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ is another nursery rhyme which children love.


Skellee Superhero Lamb Story

If you haven’t read about Abbie Skellee and the Little Lamb Rescue, then click here for details.  The book also has an interactive quiz attached.

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