Recommended Services

Please feel free to contact the people below if you would like them to help you with your business requirements.  I highly recommend them for the work that they have produced for this Skellee website and the Skellee books. 🙂


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I would like to thank Amanda C Bourne BA(QTS) NPQH, Education Consultant and Editor, who has reviewed the books.  Because of her expertise in this area (as a qualified Primary Headteacher) she shall be my #1 port of call for creating the lesson plans for each book.  I feel so grateful to Amanda for taking time out of her busy life, to help move the Skellee Superheroes forward in her professional capacity.

For an excellent proof-reading service, contact:

Education Consultant and Editor Amanda C Bourne BA(QTS) NPQH

Proofreader Service - Proofreading your book


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I want to acknowledge and thank artist Mary Atkinson, my art teacher, who lives in Javea, Spain, for giving me the confidence to take up watercolour painting.  Without her encouragement, I may not have been able to follow my dream of painting in the first place, let alone illustrating the Skellee Superhero stories.

Art Lessons in Javea and the UK

Contact:  Mary Aitkinson – Artist



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I would also like to thank Robert Mesa of SilconPost for his creativity in producing the website graphics and his support in helping me get the website going in the first place.

For website graphics and support,

Contact:  Robert Mesa,

Siliconpost - Web Service


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