The Ella Skellee Superhero story was inspired because one of my neighbours actually owned a hot air balloon. It was an amazing sight to see when he used to set it up in the back fields.

Hot Air Balloon Fact:

  • The 1st hot air balloon was launched on the 19th September 1783 by a French scientist, Pilâtre de Rozier?
  • The passengers were animals.
  • A sheep, a rooster and a duck!
  • This first balloon stayed in the air for 15 minutes.

Hot Air Balloon Quotes – Video and eBook

  hot air balloon - ella skellee

Balloon Kathedrale Photo Taken By Böhringer Friedrich


Watch the hot air balloons float …


Canberra Balloon Fiesta Photo by Ruth Ellison

Canberra Balloon Fiesta Photo by Ruth Ellison


Ella Skellee comes to the rescue …  The Balloon Trip

Superhero Ella Skellee


Why was Ella Skellee called out to a rescue and also, how did she actually rescue the … ?

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