1 – The Plastic Duck World Trip (Updated 10/09/2017)

In January 1992, in the Pacific Ocean, a cargo of thousands of plastic ducks fell from their ship into the sea. Fifteen years and 17,000 miles later, many of them landed in Cornwall and other beaches along the British Isles. Some landed up on the shores of Hawaii and Alaska, while other got stuck in the Arctic ice. One was even found in Scotland!



2 – Duck Feather Pillows

A duck’s feathers are waterproof and are therefore used to make pillows, quilts and cushions.


3 – Ducklings

Once the male duck, a Drake, find a mate, the Hen will then take the Drake to it’s nesting place so that their Duckings can be born in the Spring / Summer.


4 – Duck Feet

Ducks have webbed feet so that they can swim and paddle in the water.


5 – Where Ducks Live

Ducks are mostly aquatic birds and may be found in both fresh water and sea water.   Ducks live everywhere in the world apart from the Antarctica because it’s too cold for them.


6 – The Toy Duck

One of the first toys a child has at bath-time is a yellow plastic duck.
rubber duck


7 – How Long Do Ducks Live

Wild Ducks can live for approximately twenty years, depending on the breed.  Pet ducks generally live for 10 to 20 years.


8 – Why Ducks fly in a “V” shape.

According to scientists, this formation makes flying easier for them.  Each bird flies slightly above the bird in front of him, and with the air flowing coming off their wingtips, it results in a reduction of wind resistance.

flying ducks


9  – A Group of Ducks

A group of ducks is called rafts, or teams. A group of Mallard ducks on the ground is called a ‘sord’ and in flight, they would be called a ‘flock’ of ducks.


10 – Ducks Relations

Ducks are related to Swans and Geese but have shorter necks and wings.
In the game of cricket, a duck is a batsman’s dismissal for a score of zero.


11 – Cricket Duck

A ‘Duck’ is a batsman’s dismissal for getting a score of zero, in a game of cricket.

cricket duck


12 – Duck Love

To call someone “Duck” or “Duckie”, is meant as a term of endearment in some parts of the British Isles.


13 – A Duck Move

To duck (a verb) is to quickly move your head downwards, to protect yourself from, perhaps a flying duck!


14 – A Duck Boat

Duck Boat is a self-propelled vehicle designed for use on water or road.  If you do a search on Google, you may find that there may be tours locally.

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15 – Duck Feed

Most children love feeding the ducks and often think of them as their own pet ducks. They generally use bread as the main duck feed. Unfortunately, there are not enough nutrients in bread, so peas, grapes, greens and special seeds are best.

Duck Feed


16 – Duck Cartoon

One of the most famous duck cartoon characters is Walt Disney’s Donald Duck, loved by millions of children.  His character was created in 1934 – 80 years ago!

17 – Barrowford Duck

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