Abbie Skellee was told that she would be the first of the Skellee Superheroes to be called to a rescue on this sunny day.  She was not sure what time she would be called by the  operator of the Skellee Rescue service and, of course, she never knew what type of rescue she would have to go to.

Memories of the many thousands of rescues she had already attended to, started to come back to her.  She smiled thinking of the one in Canada last winter and then the recent one in Ireland.

Just as she had everything ready to go, she decided she probably had enough time to have a glass of fresh orange.  But as she started to drink it, the phone rang and this is where the Abbie Skellee story begins …

Introduction to Abbey Skellee

This is a farm story about LuLu the Lamb for children aged three, (if an older person reads it to them) and eight.

The springtime is always a wonderful time on a  farm.   Within days of being born, all the little lambs start to play together in the farmer’s fields.

LuLu was very tiny and had a lovely white fluffy coat.  She was always smiling at all the other lambs in the fields.  She loved to munch the grass and to hop over the little wildflowers growing in the fields.

Yes, Lulu had a very happy life.

One day, all the lambs got together and decided to play ‘hide and seek’.  Lulu remembered a place she had seen before where her mother had told her never to go.

However, she decided that it would be a great hiding place.   Nobody would find her there.

She ran off to hid in her secret place.  What happened next was incredible.

She should really have listened to her mother …

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