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Harvey Skellee 8th Story Book Released


Yes, ducks can be killed with kindness!

This story was inspired by the author when visiting the beautiful English village of Barrowford and walking in the Barrowford  Park watching children feeding the ducks, which is in Lancashire.  

Ducks in danger is the theme of this latest Skellee rescue.

Harvey Skellee, another of the Skellee Superheroes, is called out to the rescue. 

He doesn’t disappoint the children.

In fact, his amazing rescue skill is not something any of the children expected to see, nor will they forget it!

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Superhero Harvey Skellee

News Update From …

 ‘Village Life’ Magazine

– Barrowford Park and Superhero Harvey Skellee –
Petty, Your Village Life, Barrowford.




Superhero Danny Skellee – The Black Cat

WEBWIRE – Wednesday, November 28, 2012

AnneMarie Callan, the author of ’Danny Skellee Rescues

The Black Cat, which is the 4th in the Skellee Rescue Service series of children’s stories,  made the following comment: “I was absolutely amazed and shocked when this incident happened in our family garden. If anyone had told me previously that a cat could get into such a dangerous situation because of one momentary neglect in securing an item, I would have found it hard to believe but seeing it with my own eyes, I accept that fact completely now.”

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New Skellee Series of Story Books Released

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WEBWIRE – Thursday, July 05, 2012

New children’s story books have been introduced into the market.

The children’s stories are part of the new Skellee Rescue Service series.

This is going to be a series of 26 books with each individual Skellee character being named after one of the letters of the alphabet. These were created to appeal to children in the age bracket of 3 – 8.

Each of the Skellee Superheroes has a unique ’tool’, in fact, super powers, which enables rescues to be carried out all around the world.

The series has been developed with a view of creating a modern day folklore superhero for young children to give them the pleasure of believing that there will always be someone who can help them, from anywhere around the world, should they need.

Perfect bedtime stories!

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