The very first Skellee contest has run and the 1st prize winner is Mr. Willie Crawford.


Skellee Contest Winner

The five runners up have been notified by email.

The prize means that the children in Willie Crawford‘s family will be *Stars* in the next Skellee Superhero book, each child will receive the book in print format, Skellee tee shirts, (yet to be designed) and 3 other Skellee kindle books of their choice.   By being *Stars* in the next Skellee book, the children will also be heroes in their own right because without their actions, the Skellee Superhero would not be able to rescue the …  (story coming soon)

When I thought of this prize for the contest, I felt a child would love to see their names, with their hair colour and style and wearing their favourite colour clothing, in a book.  Maybe this would be something they would cherish and want to show their own children one day.  Could it possibly be one of the books that they would want to have on their bookshelves for years to come?

The next contest shall take place shortly and with that said, why not opt in for the Free Skellee book and so that you are among the first to hear about it.  This first contest was mostly promoted on FaceBook.  I used fabulous software which gave people the opportunity of many ‘extra’ chances, just by sharing the link virally.  eMail me at am . callan @ gmail. com for more details on the software.

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3 thoughts on “1st Skellee Contest Winner

  1. Brenda Branham

    Congrats Mr. Willie Crawford! AnneMarie, what you are doing with these books is awesome.

    1. Skellee Post author

      Thank you so much Brenda. I really appreciate your comment. Hope you enter the next competition 🙂

  2. Sarah

    Congratulations to the lucky winner Willie Crawford.
    What a fabulous prize. How many people can say they are a character in a superhero book.
    I look forward to reading It to my little grandson. Well done Willie
    They say luck come in 3’s

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