First Hot Air Balloon and More Facts

  1. In 1783, the very first hot air balloon flight with humans took place, from France. The journey lasted for twenty minutes.
  2. Inside a hot air balloon is a burner which creates heat. The heat travels up inside the balloon in an inside section, which is called an envelope. The hot air inside the balloon, the envelope, is not as hot as the air outside it and this causes the balloon to float in the sky.
  3. The longest hot air balloon flight on record, to date, was the journey taken by Richard Branson. He traveled in the hot air balloon from Japan to Northern Canada at a speed of 245 miles per hour.
  4. Cristian Brown built a glass-bottom hot air balloon which he showed in 2010 at the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta. It was a frightening experience for all the passengers on the Balloon.
  5. Hot air balloons can invade a person’s privacy. Virgin Hot Air Balloon was seen within feed of a lady’s window. When she opened the window, she was shocked to see people looking into her home.
  6. In the period of the Tree Kingdoms in China, 220 – 280 AD, according to records, unmanned balloons existed then.
  7. During the American Civil War and the French Revolution, hot air balloons were used for spying on the enemy.
  8. Nowadays, hot air balloons are mainly used for recreation purposes.
  9. Hot air balloons are also used for marketing purposes and are designed in various shapes to represent the businesses being marketed.
  10. Balloon rides make an amazing gift for special birthdays or special occasions.
  11. Superhero Ella Skellee and the hot air balloon rescue


Hot air balloon facts

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