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SKELLEE SUPERHEROES – Short Stories For Kids

 Skellee – Short Stories

The Skellee short stories for children are a series of stories which brings to life, modern day folklore superheros for young children.  Each story has an interactive quiz which helps children, in a fun way, learn  comprehension skills. Also within each story is a message to inspire caring and compassion in a child.

The Skellee stories are aimed for children aged 3 to 8 years old.   There will eventually be 26 stories in the Skellee Rescue Service series.


Abbie Skellee


Abbie Skellee

A cute but naughty little lamb had to be rescued.  Thankfully Abbie Skellee was the person who was able to do it.Let’s hope that, in future, this little lamb does what his mother says!Find out more about Abbie Skellee



Bobby Skellee


Bobby Skellee

A football rescue!   You would be amazed to know where Bobby Skellee had to rescue the  football from …The children will never play that particular game of football again!  Read more here




Carrie Skellee

A very cute little dog had to be rescued and it was Carrie’s turn to be sent out by the Skellee operator.  This story has a very very happy ending which all children would love.  Read here




Danny Skellee

The black cat was always getting into mischief but after this particular day, it will be a long time before he will go near that particular item.  Read more about the Black Cat.



E -SkelleeMini


Ella Skellee

Ella had an unusual rescue and to anyone else this rescue would have been impossible.  It was times like this that Ella was delighted to be a Skellee, with their unique ‘tools’.



F- Skellee2Mini


Freddy Skellee

Freddy was able to rescue the most important thing to the little girls making sandcastles.  What was it and how did he do it when nobody else could?



Gracie Skellee

Why was Gracie called out to a bubble gum machine?  Whatever the reason, one person ended their day in a very happy mood and very grateful to Gracie.



Harvey Skellee 

This story is set in Barrowford park in Lancashire.The children had no idea how the duck could be rescued but Harvey didn’t let them down.  To find out more about Harvey and the Barrowford ducks – click the link.

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