Skellee Superheroes – Children’s Books Online With An Interactive Quiz

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About –  Skellee Superheroes

  • The Skellee Superheroes are short stories for children, aged 3 to 8 years old.
  • Each Skellee Superhero has unique  *Super Powers* to help any child or animal who is in distress, anywhere in the world.
  • The Skellee Superheroes work at the Skellee Rescue Service where the Skellee operator decides which of the rescue team to send out on a distress call.
  • The stories are modern superhero fiction stories.
  • Each story awakens children’s understanding of what to do in a distress situation, with care and compassion for those in need of a rescue.
  • At the end of every story, there is a fun interactive quiz for the children to complete. It has quiz questions on what they can recall within the story. A fun comprehension tool too!
  • There will be 26 books in the series – and A to Z series of Skellee Superheroes.
  • The stories are gradually been put into print, audio and enhanced book formats.


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